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Bengal Blooms Silk Square

Dimensions: 36" X 36"

Material: 14MM SILK TWILL

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Style EN0384-101

Echo Design Bengal Blooms Silk Square Product image

Echo Series Scarfs - Designed to Inspire. Designed to Last a Lifetime. Immerse yourself in the clandestine layers of India with the Bengal Blooms Silk Square. Inspired by an afternoon at the Taj Mahal full of classic botanicals and harmonious birds, this ultra-smooth 14 momme silk twill square defines modern elegance. A special celebration of the Bengal Tiger frames the corner, exuding empowerment each time it is worn. Each Echo Series scarf is constructed by skilled artisans using timeless techniques to hand paint every element you see. Finished with the finest hand-rolled hem detailing, Echo Series scarfs are sure to inspire and delight.

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