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Framed Heirloom Scarf

Dimensions: 40" x 40" frame

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Style 9FS007-305

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Historically, jewelry was worn as a protective amulet or as an expression of faith. Jewelry provides people with a physical symbol to represent meaning, ideas, values and rituals. Those symbols can change the way the owner feels while wearing the jewelry.

For example, a symbol of protection might make the wearer feel strong and safe. If obfuscation is the goal, symbols can be disguised and imbued with secret meanings which are shared only with the initiated few. More overt symbols of power, love, strength, spirituality and belief bind together and provide a common language that bestows upon us a unifying platform. While painting this scarf, the rings of the Roberts family were hidden within the design.

We hope that every woman who experiences this scarf feels special, celebrating her beauty and strength, projecting confidence and charm, while being wrapped in unique and original 'jewelry' created by our painter in watercolor renderings that were designed especially for this scarf.

Now this Echo Series Scarf is framed and available for your home.


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