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Apr 25, 2017

Every scarf has a story to tell, whether it’s the inspiration behind the design or the special meaning it holds to the wearer.
Each story is unique and powerful in its own special way.

The Story

Meet Lara MacGregor - friend, mother, founder, and survivor.

In 2007, Lara was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30, while 7 months pregnant with her second son.

Lara MacGregor, Founder of Hope Scarves

Shortly after being diagnosed, Lara received an unexpected package from a woman that she had never met before.
Inside the package were scarves that the sender wore during her cancer treatment along with a note that read “You can do this.”

Knowing that someone else had worn these beautiful scarves while facing cancer, Lara was
inspired and given a sense of hope that she could do it too.

After Lara finished treatment, she packed up her scarves so that she could pass them along
to another woman and provide the support and same sense of hope that had been given to her.

The amazing journey that these scarves were on sparked an idea for Lara.

In 2012, Hope Scarves was born, allowing Lara to live out her passion to help
others facing cancer and capture beautiful stories that provide hope and encouragement through the sharing of scarves.

With each year, the number of volunteers, donations, stories, and lives affected by Hope Scarves grows tremendously.

Today, the staff and volunteers have sent over 6,500 scarves to cancer
patients all over the world - from the ages of 5 to 92.

The Hope Scarf Collection contains over 7,000 scarves and over 500 stories.

Lara welcoming her newborn son to the world.


Echo and Hope Scarves

Echo and Hope Scarves found each other through a friend of a friend connection.
Lara’s idea to create a special scarf was now going to become a reality.

By combining Echo’s expertise in print, pattern, and color with the mission of Hope Scarves, the Nancye Belle Signature Hope Scarf was created.
In addition to producing the Nancye Belle Signature Hope Scarf, Echo has donated over 400 scarves to the program and will continue to do so.


The Nancye Belle Signature Hope Scarf 

A true reflection of the love and spirit of Hope Scarves
Produced exclusively for Hope Scarves by Echo

Available now at

Square - 32" X 32"


Oblong - 18" X 67"



Named in loving memory of Nancye Belle, this special scarf
supports Hope Scarves' mission – wear it and help spread the word about Hope Scarves.

With the purchase of this scarf on Hope Scarves website, another scarf is sent to someone facing cancer.

Designed by a Louisville artist and a friend of the organization, the colors are special to Hope Scarves
and represent different types of cancer. The words hope, stories, scarves, and research are woven
into the fabric, all pillars of the organization’s mission.


Sharing Scarves and Hope

"A big box of love arrived today!!! Thanks so much for these amazing scarves.
We can't wait to send them out to people facing cancer. This box is just exploding with happiness." 
-Lara MacGregor, Founder

"We got a donation of over 200 vintage scarves from a daughter
whose mom is in hospice. Many are Echo. Beautiful!"

"Today we received a donation of a beautiful box of scarves. This Echo scarf 
caught my eye! Then my son decided to try it on." 
-Lara MacGregor


If you have an extenstive scarf collection, donate them! Hope Scarves accepts scarf donations of all shapes and sizes. 

If you or a loved one are a cancer survivor, we encourage you to share your story and spread hope and encouragement to others.

Donate a scarf, request a scarf, or share your story here. 


And to think, it all began with a scarf...

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