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Echo Goes on Vacation: Sequoia National Park

Aug 07, 2017


Experiencing Nature's Gentle Giants 

Located in the southern region of the California portion of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Sequoia National Park plays home to the largest trees on Earth—the giant sequoias. The enchanting park is a one of the United States’ greatest national treasures, and a must see for anyone with an appreciation for nature.

While the world’s largest tree, General Sherman, can be found in the park, it also is the location of beautiful meadows, cool lakes, and mountain views. The size and scope of the park allows for a variety of experiences, however most park visitors seek the awe-inspiring giant sequoias.

Several groves house these behemoths, all of which lie on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada range. The towering trees are perfect for exploring, and act as a picturesque backdrop to the many who venture to their home.


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