Our Studio

Think of design as a means of interpreting desire and suddenly the whole concept of product becomes more meaningful, more human.  For us, designing accessories is about fulfilling the desire to express oneself freely  and to experience affordable pleasures. Pleasures that not only enhance one’s sense of self but that make life feel just a little bit richer.
Our studio is constantly striving for new and innovative techniques, in fabrication, functionality and design, yet remaining firmly rooted in the belief that we choose whatever it takes to create the highest quality, trend-right and most beautiful accessories. We use CAD as well as watercolors and oil paints. Our studio features artists of all trades, from those skilled in photography to mixed media, oil and acrylics to charcoal and pencil. We have an extensive library of books that inspire us with images of birds, flowers and animals to  ancient clay techniques and modern architecture.  Our designers travel all over the world to discover new fabrics, gain inspiration from every culture and continually take the pulse of fashion as an art form.