Our Philosophy

We believe there is a pattern for every moment
and a color for every mood.

By design, we create to inspire and transform.

Exploring New Horizons

In one sense, it would appear that Echo has become a much bigger world than in Edgar and Theresa’s day.  And yet we remain small.  Small in the sense that we believe as much in the power of personal connections as we did so many decades ago.

Because it is precisely these connections, these increasingly close-knit, emotional connections between our product and our very particular customer, between our past and our present, between the real and even the virtual world, that opens new doors, propels us forward and keeps the spirit of Echo, not to mention the joy of design, so exuberantly alive.

Now and then

In a world in which the future feels as immediate, as close at hand, as the day after tomorrow, Echo continues to build on the rich heritage of its past while embracing all of the kinetic energy of the here and now.

Design and Desire

Think of design as a means of interpreting desire and suddenly, the whole concept of product becomes more meaningful, more human.  For us, designing accessories is about fulfilling the desire to express oneself freely, and to experience affordable pleasures. Pleasure that not only enhance one’s sense of self but that make life feel just a little bit richer.