BCRF “Poetry in the Light” scarf inspired by Evelyn Lauder’s photograph

Echo Design is proud to announce a special addition to its line – a scarf whose design and story will make a difference. In collaboration with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, founded by Evelyn Lauder, Echo designed a scarf inspired by one of Evelyn Lauder’s photographs called “Poetry in the Light.” This 36 inch silk twill scarf was originally created as a gift for guests at the Foundation’s annual Hot Pink Party which celebrated Evelyn’s dream. Featuring a beautiful pink peony print, the scarf retails for $85 and Echo will donate $10 of every sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Model Erin Heatherton wearing the BCRF and Echo “Poetry in Light” scarf at the Hot Pink Party in May 2012. Photo credit: Amanda Gordon/Bloomberg

Echo Design believes that inspired design changes everything. Lynn Roberts, the granddaughter of Echo’s founders and Vice President of Communications says, “The scarf represents both Evelyn and Echo’s shared passion and optimism. It is a true honor for Echo to be able to celebrate Evelyn’s spirit by supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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