Capturing the life of a flower on a silk scarf

Frida Kahlo said “I paint flowers so they will not die.”  Although Kahlo’s still lifes were an attempt to deal with a fear of separation and death, the idea of painting flowers so that they remain at once vibrant and permanent is an understandable one.  The moment we attempt to capture their beauty is the very moment it eludes us. Forever.  The stem is cut and it’s life is cut short. The beauty will soon fade.   Kahlo’s work was filled with symbolism and in one painting she uses an airplane and an alarm clock possibly to convey the thought that time passes so quickly. Life is short and over too soon – which is a well-known common thread in her work.  But it’s human to marvel at what nature creates, as is the need to understand it.    Kahlo’s love of color was obvious not only in her art but her wardrobe and accessories.  It’s true that much of Mexican culture includes big, brilliant flowers on everything from wraps and shawls and scarves, to skirts and bags. But perhaps having a floral accessory is possibly one way Kahlo could maintain a connection to the color and vibrancy without cutting the stem.  To go another step further, when we think about the fabric itself  – whether from a cotton plant or a silkworm, one could say that the flower’s beauty lives on in another live substance. Then, with the combination of the floral pattern and the texture, shine and softness of silk, it becomes a whole other level of beauty.  Echo has been creating classic floral patterns for 90 years.  The flower and the scarf are both inherently feminine and timeless.
Flowers have been a major subject of art, decor, fabrics, paintings and accessories for thousands of years. Yet the subject’s lifespan was merely a blip in the timeline. Perhaps that’s what makes them so beautiful: the fleeting permanence.

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