Imperial Safari: World Traveler

One of the great trends right now for summer is a military or utilitarian look.  Echo's Imperial Safari collection takes that look and updates it with inspiration from African and Colonial India. Elements of this style can be integrated into any outfit without looking overly military or as if you were actually on safari.  Think: casual world traveler meets crafty elements of the exotic bazaars and caravans of decorative pillows, spices and jewels.  

This look contrasts touches of military influence and soft femininity while pulling inspiration from the luscious patterns and textures of these distinct cultures. Contrasting khakis and earth tones are punctuated with pretty intricate beads, and animal and black prints on delicate fabrics.  Metallic effects on fabrics, delicately powdered with gold and silver give accessories fluidity and femininity. Colors range from earthen neutrals in browns and sand to sun bleached corals, chartreuse greens and watery blues. Animal prints like cheetah and snakeskin are great patterns on lightweight scarves perfect for summer. Organic fabrics like raffia, linen, hemp and ramie become utterly chic in this summer trend because of their versatile, breathable and sustainable qualities.

So you can update your summer wardrobe easily – and quickly – by adding a few key accessories from this trend.   A simple white tee, khaki capris and a passport are your starting point. Add gladiator sandals, bold chunky rings and a beautiful ikat pattern wrap.  Life is an adventure and you are a world traveler – unique and exotic. Take a little bit of the luxury of each country with you as you experience all this world offers.



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